Brown Olive Wood Tasbih 10mm Hand Crafted 33 beads Rosary with Strong Thread

Brown olive wood Hand Crafted 33 beads

  • Olive wood has long been used as a representation of beauty, success, the tree of life, and tranquilly.
  • Enhances the effectiveness, experience, and results of your spiritual practice
  • Might provide relief since the elimination of negative thinking patterns refocuses your energies.
  • You might use this lovely tasbih as a decorative adornment by hanging it from your nice automobile mirror.
  • You can use this rosary tasbih during Zikr, Namaz and also the best use for travelling.
  • Our tasbihs are created to complement your lifestyle and appearance.
  • As the wood ages, the hue gets dark.

Product Details:

100 %Pure Zaitoon Wood is used in it.

Diameter: 10 mm

Length: 15 cm

Beads: 33

Color: Brown

Strong Thread

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Brown Olive Wood Hand Crafted 33 beads Tasbih

Tasbih produced from olive wood is more resilient than most other types, and with its striking dark grain patterns and odor- and stain-resistant properties, it has long been a premium option. The beauty, durability, and adaptability of olive wood, as well as its distinctive and delicious aroma when worked, have made it a favorite among craftspeople worldwide for little wooden things.

There are several ways to perform zikr. For zikr, some of them utilize the tips of their fingers. It has a distinct significance. However, if someone wants to perform more zikr. It depends on what he or she is reading and how much zikr is desired.

If it’s less, using your fingertips is OK, but if you’re practicing zikr frequently, like twice a day, you should use a tasbih instead because it makes counting more simpler.

Difference between digital and Brown Olive Wood Hand Crafted Tasbih

Nowadays, people use digital tasbih for zikr since it is simpler. But keep in mind that each object has a purpose. Performing a zikr on a digital tasbih or a tasbih made of plastic has its own significance, but a wood-made tasbih has greater worth than a plastic or digital tasbih.

Similar to zikr, a tasbih made of olive wood is more valuable than one made of regular wood. And stones, especially the Aqeeq, have their own significance. Aqeeq Tasbih is used by Sufis for ziker.

Benefits of Olive Wood Hand Crafted Tasbih

The advantage of tasbih is that it allows individuals to do a variety of zikr everyday zikr that would otherwise be impossible without tasbih although these zikr are performed in such large numbers.

Additionally, if you had a Tasbih with you at all times, you wouldn’t forget the zikr since it serves as the same kind of reminder.


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