Handcrafted Scented Wooden Tasbih 100 Beads 12 mm Tasbih Rosary Misbaha with Strong Thread and Counting Mark

Handcrafted Scented Wooden Tasbih

  • Having a tasbih in your possession, hanging on your wall or on your person serves as a reminder
  • Protection From Negative Energies, Magic, Evil Eye
  • Having a good tasbih is a must for an every Muslim
  • Helps to improve focus, experience, and benefits attained in your spiritual practice
  • Can act as a form of relief as your energy is refocused with the release of harmful thought patterns.
  • You will feel pure and clean which is why we strive to use the best and most natural materials possible
  • Enough to give someone a gift that’s just as unique as they are

Made in Pakistan

Product Details

Length : 12 cm

Diameter: 12mm

Weight : 28 gm

Color: Dark Brown

Strong Thread

100 % Hand-carved

Efficient & Fast Delivery



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1 Scented Wooden Tasbih

Awadudi is delighted to offer Handcrafted Scented Wooden Tasbih for sale, this stunning and decorative wooden tasbih comes with extra counters on the sides or top, allowing you to do up to a million repetitions.  The artists of Pakistan make it with great effort. A Prayer Beads (Camel Bone Tasbih white Color) is a tool that is used to perform prayer including the names of God in Islam, and the glorification of God after regular prayer.

2 In your possession scented wooden tasbih serves as a reminder

Making and employing a Scented Wooden Tasbih is an act of spiritual piety that ought to be undertaken seriously. Seeing your tasbih naturally prompts you to recall or check to see if you have carried out your dhikr or daily litany. Tasbihs also help focus your attention on the dhikr you are doing by connecting your mind to your body, specifically to your fingers. This mental-physical connection can assist in keeping distractions away.

It is often made of many different things such as wood, gemstone, and many others However, there are some Tasbih that is made of Camel Bone, wood, pearls, gemstone, and amber. At present, various types are being used by Muslims for prayer. Tasbih is a type of necklace and it mostly contains 100 or 33 beads.


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