About Us


Small & Medium Enterprises are the backbone of a country’s economy, and their growth is one of the key factors of economic uplift. Despite their importance, these businesses lack access to financing options. In order to give a boost to this neglected sector, Awadudi is committed to tapping business opportunities for artists, artisans and to connect them with buyers around the world.”Awadudi” is a social enterprise which strives to empower artists and artisans. Awadudi aims to connect the unconnected artisans to the local and international markets by not only providing them with a marketplace but also marketing them in an effective way. The main reason with disappearance of these artist and crafts are that people don’t pay them good enough and it’s very difficult for them to live a healthy lifestyle that’s why they are leaving these fields the main purpose of this platform is to pay them well enough that they can live a happy life, Awadudi works for the revival of the dying crafts..