Mix Shajri Agate Misbaha Rosary 33 Beads 8mm 46gm Impressive Multi Color Aqeeq Strong Thread With Marvelous Packaging Box

  • Mix Shajri Agate Tasbih is immensely beautiful, stylish, and affordable.
  • It is designed to fit your lifestyle and look.
  • Strengthens body and mind
  • Easy to Carry in Pocket
  • Make us closer and induces love to our creator
  • Engaging yourself in dhikr stays you away from harmful thought patterns backbiting and other negative behavior


Made in Pakistan


Product Details


Diameter: 8 mm

Length : 18 cm

Weight: 46 gm

Strong Thread

Color: Mix


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Mix Shajri Agate Tasbih

Awadudi is delighted to offer Mix Shajri Agate Tasbih for sale. Prayer Beads are a tool used to perform prayer, including God’s names in Islam, after regular prayer. Making and employing a tasbih is an act of spiritual piety that ought to be undertaken seriously.

Mix Shajri Agate Could Provide Relief

Mix Shajri Agate can also be moved through your fingers and alternate with the squeeze technique. A few minutes during stressful times can be enough to provide relief. Which will help you to improve your focus. Spirituality and tasbih both are linked together. The importance of tasbih couldn’t be ignored in Islam. Tasbih has played a major role in remembering God from the very beginning. If you are interested in owning Prayer Beads (Tesbih) you can find these Islamic prayer beads at awadudi.com. There you will also find different kinds of Prayer Beads, Which are made of different precious gems stone. They are in various sizes and colors and it could have a good impact on your personality.


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