Wood Carving Home Décor Astonishing Horse Statue Figurine 17 Inches With Both Front Hooves Up In The Air Adoring Sculpture

Solid Wood Carving Home Décor

  • The vibrant and vitality-filled design of this horse gives individuals a sense of vigor
  • The exquisite craftsmanship of this wooden horse makes it ideal as a present for occasions, like birthdays, housewarmings, and celebrations
  • Wood Carving Home décor Horse is a good present to offer juniors, coworkers, friends, elders, classmates, or mentors, it indicates never acknowledge defeat and will bring luck
  • Add a touch of art in your home with this Awadudi camel sculpture
  • This decorative design does not dominate the entire room, but highlights the charm of the entire room and creates a pleasant living atmosphere, it’s not just a decoration, but also a style.
  • When you handle this wood carving home décor ornament, you will appreciate how smooth it feels, making it a nice sculpture to have at home
  • Environmentally friendly materials, unique shapes, and craftsmanship make each product unique and competitively priced as well
  • Made in Pakistan


Product Details


Length: 17 inches (43 cm)

Width: 11 inches (23 cm)

100 Hand carved and polished


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This Beautiful and elegant Solid Wood Carving Home Décor statue is being offered for sale by Awadudi with great pleasure. This statue has a superb finish and looks quite elegant. This gorgeous, wood carving Home decor hand Crafted statue design, which gives it an appealing look, will showcase your sophisticated sense of aesthetic beauty and home décor.

Wood Carving Home Décor Horse Symbolize

The horse is a magnificent creature that personifies the spiritual strength of self-reliance, liberation, valor, endurance, assurance, victory, valor, and competitiveness. Its emblem represents power, bravery, and independence. The Horse appears in a variety of civilizations, histories, mythologies, and folktales where it is acknowledged that it facilitated human movement along taxing and challenging roads.

The horse has been an ever-present friend in both battle and peace for around 5000 years. Evidence of the Horses use can be found everywhere, and civilization has risen and collapsed on it back. Horses are a global representation of unrestricted freedom because they give individuals the impression that they may break free from their own constraints and glide into adventure, movement, and desire.

Today, its spirit helps us explore the globe. Today, its spirit helps us understand both cosmos within and the world around us. Its spirit, helps us understand both the cosmos within the world around us. Its Spirit also offers us the inner drive and inspiration to advance, be successful in our endeavors, and develop into the finest version of ourselves.


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