Mix Aqeeq Malangi Tasbih Agate Misbaha Rosary | 100 Beads 7mm | Strong Thread

  • Mix Aqeeq Malangi Tasbih is the immensely beautiful, stylish,
  • It is designed to fit your lifestyle and look.
  • Protection From Negative Energies, Magic, Evil Eye
  • Helps to improve focus, experience, and benefits attained in your spiritual practice
  • Can act as a form of relief as your energy is refocused with the release of harmful thought patterns.
  • This beautiful tasbih could be hung on your rare car mirror as a decorative ornament A touch of art in your tasbih collection.



Made in Pakistan


Product Details


Beads : 100

Diameter : 7 mm

Length : 40 cm

Strong Thread

Color : Mix



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Mix Aqeeq Malangi Tasbih

Awadudi is delighted to offer this immensely Beautiful Mix Aqeeq Malangi Tasbih for sale. allowing you to do up to a million repetitions. On a practical level, tasbihs help you keep count when doing your dhikrs. For example, if you intend to do a dhikr 100 times, it can be confusing when attempting to count to 100 on your fingers. Using tasbih will help you keep your count. A tasbih also serves as a reminder. Seeing your tasbih naturally prompts you to recall or check to see if you have carried out your dhikr or daily litany. Which will help you to improve focus. Spirituality and tasbih both are linked together.

The importance of Tasbih (Mix Aqeeq Malangi)

The importance of tasbih couldn’t be ignored in Islam. Tasbih has played a major role in remembering God from the very beginning. Using a tasbih helps with one’s concentration and focus. The tasbih, as a tool for counting, allows you to keep your focus on the dhikr, rather than trying to keep count mentally.

Focus your Attention

Tasbihs also help focus your attention on the dhikr you are doing by connecting your mind to your body, specifically to your fingers. This mental-physical connection can assist in keeping distractions away. Holding a tasbih and moving each bead to the pace of your dhikr can also prevent your mind from wondering.


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