Blue Aqeeq Tasbih/Prayer Beads With Beautiful Gift Box

Beautiful 18 Blue Color Aqeeq Prayer Beads (Tasbih).

  • Beads: 18
  • Color: Blue
  • Top Brand
  • High quality
  • Durable product
  • Good Look and Shining 
  • Packaging:  1 Tasbih packed in a beautiful gift box


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A Prayer Beads( tasbih) is a tool which is used to perform prayer including the names of God in Islam, and the glorification of God after regular prayer. It is often made many different things such as wood, gemstone and many others However, there are some Tesbih that are made of pearls, gemstone and amber. At present, various types are being used by the Muslims for prayer.
If you are interested in owning Prayer Beads (Tesbih) you can find these Islamic prayer beads at awadudi.com. There you will also find different kinds of Prayer Beads, Which are made of different precious gems stone. They are in various sizes and colors and it could have a good impact on your personality.


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