Black Olive Wood Hand Crafted 100 beads 4mm Tasbih Misbaha Strong Thread Counting Mark with Surprise Gift

Olive Wood Hand Crafted 100 beads

  • Olive wood has long been a symbol of peace, livelihood, tree of life, beauty, and victory.
  • Helps to improve focus, experience, and benefits attained in your spiritual practice
  • You can use this rosary tasbih during Zikr, Namaz and also the best use for traveling.
  • This beautiful tasbih could be hung on your rare car mirror as a decorative ornament.
  • Can act as a form of relief as your energy is refocused with the release of harmful thought patterns.
  • it reminds you of the importance of your spiritual and mental wellness goals which can lead to an increase in the frequency of practice.
  • Our tasbihs are designed to fit your lifestyle and look
  • The color turns into dark as the wood becomes old

Product Details:

100 %Pure Zaitoon Wood is used in it.

Beads: 100 (With extra Beads for Counting Mark)

Color: Black

Strong Thread

Efficient and Fast Delivery


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Olive Wood Hand Crafted 100 beads Tasbih

Tasbih is an Arabic infinitive derived from the word “Subhan” which means “exalted”. In an Islamic context, tasbih means exaltation of God from every kind of weakness and need.  Making and employing a tasbih is an act of spiritual piety that ought to be undertaken seriously. In the Farsi language, a string of beads is made of clay, stone, wood, plastic, etc. Any vocal zikr containing such praise is called Tasbih. Tasbih, Misbaha is one of the most popular accessories for men.

Benefits of Olive Wood Hand Crafted 100 beads Tasbih

Misbaha usually consists of 101 beads in three parts of 33 beads. In an era where deep focus and presence are as rare as the finest gems, this Tasbih will remind you that the most valuable treasures are often right in front of your eyes. Masterfully crafted Tasbih/Misbaha/Sibha is the most here and heartfelt gift you can give.

If you are interested in owning Prayer Beads (Tasbih) you can find these Islamic prayer beads at awadudi.com. There you will also find different kinds of Prayer Beads, Which are made of different precious gems stone. They are in various sizes and colors and it could have a good impact on your personality.

Uses of Olive Wood Hand Crafted 100 beads Tasbih

Tasbih made with olive wood is more durable than most other, and its stain and odor-resistant with its dramatic dark grain patterns have long been a top-quality, deep rich color, fine texture, choice. for smaller wooden objects, olive wood has become favored by artisans and carpenters globally for its beauty, strength, and versatility and a very distinct and fruity scent when being worked.

It is an extremely hard, dense wood making it more stain and odor resistant than most. olive wood has a strikingly rich and colorful appearance, Carvings, small specialty wood items, Art objects, olive wood is regarded as one high end therefore its structural features are highly contrasting brown lines and yellow streaks of sapwood, and even more importantly, the surface of olive wood can be easily polished to a high degree with proper care and maintenance, your olive wood will last a long time.


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