Hand Carved Gorgeous Snake Eater Wooden Markhor Ibex Wall Hanging 32 Inches Showpiece for Home & Office Decor

Hand Carved Snake Eater Wooden Markhor

  • Markhor is the sign of bravery, savior, diligent, resilience
  • Give an Aristocratic Touch to Your Home, office hotel, rtestaurant Decor with Brown Colored Markhor wall hanging
  • It could also be an attraction for you living place or work desk.
  • Craft & polished in natural color with excellent graphics
  • The rich brown finish draws attention to the grain of the wood, as well as to the great detail in the Markhor
  • They are Eco-friendly and competitively priced as well

Made in Pakistan

Product Details

Length: 32 inches (83 cm)

Width: 15 inches (39 cm)

100 Hand carved and polished

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Hand Carved Snake Eater Wooden Markhor Wall Hanging

Hand Carved stunning 32 Inches wooden Markhor. from last few years, the markhor has been getting quite the press for their adorable attributes. Ibex belongs to mountains and it’s a savior for human beings. It is a known fact that the Markhor use their corkscrew horns to battle. Markhor is a Persian word meaning “snake-eater” or “snake-killer.” the Markhor is allegedly able to kill snakes with its spiral horns and then consume the serpents. People love this animal a lot due to his brave, savior, diligent, resilience nature. If you love to be a savior so then Markhor is your talisman.

Decorative Hand Carved Snake Eater Wooden Camel

Awadudi is delighted to offer for sale this stunning and decorative solid wood hand carved wall hanging markhor. Featuring an Excellent Finish. Display your refined taste in home decor and aesthetic beauty with this stunning, handmade wall hanging.

It Can Also Serve as A Great Gifting Option for Housewarming Parties. we provide you best and beautiful collection of Hand-Crafted wooden sculptures you have ever seen. We use just the quality of brown wood to add unique artwork to your collection. A very good looking well-made and decorative piece of art.


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