Hand Painted Tray

  • This Hand Painted Tray has a truck art design with a good surface perfect for neat storage,
  • Perfect for serving or as a display tray for your everyday essentials and decorations
  • They are also nice to use in the bathroom for perfume and jewelry, or in the kitchen with oils and spices.
  • It is rounded and made of tin.
  • It has a practical, decorative edge all around.
  • A stylish tray with beautiful harmonizing colors, lovely matte, soft finish
  • For a homely feel in the kitchen.
  • Our tray can be used as a nice display.
  • Tray Circle is a wonderful addition to any minimal interior and can be used in groups or as a single design object.

Product Details

  • Handmade
  • Hand Painted
  • length: 31 cm
  • width: 31 cm
  • Made in Pakistan



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This Hand Painted Try is specially made for art lovers. This artwork at home is used for the attractiveness or decoration of the home. You can see beautiful scenery with a white running horse Painted by a talented professional artist. The border of the try is decorated with flowers which makes this art try more attractive.  The horse is a symbol of power, success, and authority. The beauty of the white running horse brings a galloping of dreams.  Hence horse symbol is a must-have in your living room or at your work desk or in your office. This artwork at home is used for the attractiveness or decoration of the home


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