Clay Bowl Piyala Hand Painted

  • Beautifully Decorated Clay Bowl Piyala Hand Painted
  • Add a touch of modern art to your table with this Awadudi Large Fruit/Salad Bowl
  • This bowl is all set to add more charm to your table encircled by guests.
  • This range is ideal for the creative dining experience and collectible gifting.
  • You can use it for fruit or salad or can be used as a decoration, showpiece
  • Enough to give someone a gift that’s just as unique as they are
  • Perfect handmade pottery

Product Details

Length : 7 cm

Width : 15cm


100 % Hand Painted/Hand Made

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In this Clay Bowl Piyala Hand Painted Awadudi uses just the right amount of color to add a similar cheerful vibe to your monotonous tableware collection. Fashioned in an appropriate size suitable for serving fruit or salad, these little things of beauty are sure to bring more joy to the table while serving your favorite delicacies. This Awadudi Large Fruit/Salad Bowl is a must-have for the modern home- a beautiful hand-painted ceramic with a unique design. Awadudi decorates and embellishes objects with truck art playful color and design



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