Clay Jaar-Pot / Martabaan (Hand Painted)

Immensely beautiful, Decorative Truck art Clay Jar/Martabaan Hand Painted

Product Details

  • Width : 14 cm
  • Length 22 cm
  • Color: Mix
  • Top Brand
  • High quality
  • Durable product
  • Good Look and Shining


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This item is designed with truck art themes as inspiration and so the colors are vibrant and charming. This item can be used in practice as a jug or you can use this item as a decorative piece to your table, shelf, or window setting. The lines and structure of this item is elegant and colorful. Perfect to use for outdoor parties or to bring a little warmth and splash of color to your indoor settings. Each item is made by hand with exquisite attention to detail good investment piece.


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