Hand Painted Truck Art Mug

Hand Painted Truck art Mug
  • Our team of professional artists has mastered the process, allowing us to do artwork on your new mugs
  • A professional artist lovingly crafted order of Hand Painted Truck Art mugs
  • You can drink Tea or Coffee in it or can be used as a decoration, showpiece
  • The paint used on the mug has shining material added to it, making it significantly stronger
  • Enough to give someone a gift that’s just as unique as they are.
  • Perfect handmade pottery.
  • Providing you maximum flexibility to fit your needs and budget
  • Make no mistake; when you order a mug from Awadudi, you’ll be receiving a remarkably special, unique piece that will surprise and delight you
Product Details
Length : 10 cm
100 Hand Painted
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This Hand Painted Truck Art Mug is very special because of the beautiful artwork that has been done on it. Attractive Flowers are painted on Two sides of the Mug and on the front beautiful sunset is painted with Hands. Which Increases the beauty of the Mug. Pakistan, truck art is more than just cultural expression, it’s also a deeply rooted tradition. In Pakistan, people love this truck art. Everything which is trending and popular in Pakistan you can see on the back of Pakistani Truck. This is the beauty of this beautiful cultural Art. And also it shows how much people love this art in Pakistan. But nowadays it’s not only popular in Pakistan but worldwide people showing interest in this traditional art. Recently an artist has painted this beautiful art on shoes which got popularity worldwide.


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