Self-Adhesive Blackboard Sticker For Wall 45 x 200 cm

  • Can be cut out and pasted onto walls, cupboards, and flat surfaces.
  • Ink can be wiped off with a wet cloth.
  • Simply peel the PVC blackboard sticker off its backing and smooth onto any clean flat surface.
  • Made out of a high-quality PVC material for ultimate durability.
  • Instantly transforms your plain walls into a fully functional dry erase board.
  • This Blackboard Sticker is much more affordable than those heavy traditional white erase boards.


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The PVC blackboard sticker decal is a versatile and practical tool that allows you to create a functional blackboard sticker on various surfaces. Whether it’s walls, cupboards, or any other flat surface, this decal can be easily cut out and pasted on to instantly transform them into a convenient writing surface.

One of the key advantages of this blackboard sticker decal is its easy erasability. You can use any wet cloth to wipe off the chalk without leaving any residue behind. This feature ensures that you can easily update your notes, drawings, or messages without any hassle.

Using the PVC blackboard decal is a breeze. Simply peel it off its backing and smoothly apply it to any clean flat surface. Its adhesive backing ensures a strong and secure attachment, so you can have confidence in its stability. Once applied, it provides a smooth and seamless writing surface, allowing you to write, draw, and erase effortlessly.

Durability is another noteworthy aspect of this decal. It is made from high-quality PVC material that is specifically designed for long-lasting use. This ensures that your blackboard sticker will remain in great condition, withstanding regular use and erasing without deteriorating or losing its functionality.

The convenience of the PVC blackboard sticker decal cannot be overstated. It offers an instant solution for turning plain walls or surfaces into fully functional blackboards. Whether you need to write down important information, create artistic designs, or convey messages, this decal provides a versatile and accessible platform for your creativity and communication.

Moreover, the PVC blackboard sticker is a cost-effective alternative to traditional heavy black erase boards. It is much more affordable while offering the same level of functionality. This makes it a practical choice for classrooms, offices, homes, and other settings where a blackboard is needed but a permanent installation is not desired.

In summary, the Awadudi PVC blackboard sticker is a durable, easy-to-use, and affordable solution for creating a convenient writing surface. With its ability to be cut, pasted, and wiped clean, it provides a versatile and practical tool for organization, artistic expression, and effective communication.


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